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Does menopause mean your sex life is over?
(A lecture on sex, health and menopause.)

Los Gatos, CA - Does menopause mean your sex life is over? “No!” say Drs. Carole Cook and Anjali Tate and Mary Buxton, an AASECT Certified sex therapist. According to Drs. Cook and Tate and Ms. Buxton, “Sexuality during the time of menopause should be greeted with informed choices, humor, and enthusiasm for all of the richness that change can bring. Like pregnancy and puberty, menopause is a life stage transition with sometimes bothersome symptoms . . . but it is not a disease.”  

The three health practitioners are giving a lecture titled “Sex, Health and Menopause” that will address the menopausal transition and help woman build a satisfying and healthy sex life for this important stage of their lives.  The practitioners will talk about the challenges for continued good health and how woman can structure their lifestyles to address them. Both medical and natural approaches to treating menopausal symptoms will be reviewed along with the recent controversy over Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Finally, the practitioners will address things women and couples can do to enhance their sexual relationship. This will include a review of the controversial “magic pill,” e.g. testosterone replacement, and better sex through chemistry approaches that many women and couples are asking about.

The talk will be held in the Los Gatos, California, area. Attendees will be treated to high tea as they relax, listen and chat about menopause and its impact on sexuality.

As an early Valentine’s Day present, each attendee will receive a Valentines “goody” bag full of items to support a fun sexual relationship. And one lucky winner will receive a door prize. The evening promises learning, discussion and fun in a refined and nurturing atmosphere. 

Sex, Health and Menopause will be held Wednesday, March 19th, 2003, from 6-8 PM. Location to be determined. The women only event cost $25 per person and includes a high tea/light dinner. For more information or to sign up, please see: ,,, or phone 408/358-1888. Seating is limited. Registration and payment are required in advance.

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