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News video games 13 January 2022, 21:10

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Mighty Knight Crushes Player in Newly Leaked Elden Ring Gameplay

We met another enemy, whom we will face in Elden Ring. This time it's a powerful knight wielding a great sword and mounting dragon attacks.

Oh, Elden Ring. There are only 43 days left to the release of the newest game by FromSoftware. On the subreddit dedicated to the game, fans outdo each other in creating more and more fanciful memes, which are supposed to reflect the scale of their "hype". This is fueled by subsequent leaks - in recent days we informed you about a new type of enemy and character creator. Today, we got a video presenting another, so far undisclosed, enemy. It's a huge and mighty knight, who will probably be called Crucible Knight Floh.

The footage was uploaded by the same person who shared the aforementioned character creator - a YouTube known as ER-SA. What is so interesting in this video? First of all, this knight. It was not possible to meet him in the online tests of Elden Ring, so we can assume that we are dealing with a previously undisclosed enemy. What's more fascinating, however, are the truly dragon-like attacks that he uses - (Another thing is that the wings used by the knight are not reptilian, but rather griffin-like).

Participants of the tests, or those who carefully watched the fragments of gameplay published online, may notice two more things. First, the weapon wielded by Floh (if that's his name) is Ordovis' Greatsword, and the armor he wears is the Crucible Armor Set, which can be found in a guarded carriage near the starting point in Elden Ring. And secondly, the knight is a bit out of place in the setting where the battle takes place. Another dataminer - you can find him on YouTube as Salty Gamer - noted that ER-SA had to manually summon the NPC on the world map, as he originally appears in Stormveil Castle. His video can be found below.

Let me remind you that Elden Ring will debut on February 25 on PC, PS4, PS5, XOne, and XSX|S. If you have any doubts whether the game is worth waiting for, I'll add that its director, Hidetaka Miyazaki (father of Souls series), called it the best game ever created by FromSoftware studio.

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